Camera System

A great analagy I was taught, about how to create an image, was a three legged chair. All three need to balance the top so its stable.
The three settings a camera uses are; shutter speed, appature and ISO.
The best mode is manual to gain full control of the image.
Another option is Shutter Priority, where you set the shutter speed and the camera sets the others to bring the image to a suitable brightness level. The other option is Apature Priority, giving you control over depth of field. This is best used to highligh your subject and blur the background.


In China (ca. 391 BC), an invention was created known as camera obscura. This was as basic as being in a dark room and a pin hole in one wall. This hole allowed light to travel in and project an upside down image on the opposite wall.
This was improved by adding a lens to focus the image, meaning diffenet sizes of spaces could be used, circa 1550.
In a totally different country (1816) Silver chloride was discovered to react to light. This was adapted to the camera to create a printed image, but needed a long time with a still image for it to form.
After many iterations and advances in science and technology, 1888 brought the creation of Kodac. They started a revolution allowing people to use a portable camera and a roll of film.


A couple of years later, I take an oppertunity to start a photography business. I study into running a business, book keeping, tax and market research.
Creating the business foot print was easy, built my own website, got the bank, setup emails and started advertising.
The best part of the business was the investment into a Nikon D4s, lenses and accessories. I used this setup and covered lots of community events, weddings, sports and projects with models.


I felt comfortable with capturing a scene so I upgraded to a bigger camera, Nikon D5200. The biggest advantage this body has was the twist and turn screen, this allowed to to go alot lower or higher while still being able to line up the shot. I expanded the battery life by adding a portrait grip and bought more lenses. I found this camera worked well with the 35mm f/1.8 but will use my 300mm for landscapes.
This camera went everywhere with me, I took it when walking the dogs, out to meet friends, family gatherings and every time I went for a drive. I played about with all the settings and honed my skills.
I signed up to the modeling networks and started to make contacts. I was lucky to work with a local model who was amazing, she helped me improve my social skills, directing ability and create some outstanding images.


I soon bought a better camera and read up on photography. I went for a Samnung NX100, a digital system camera. This was great, small and light but so many features including changable lenses, full manual mode as well as the priorities and a removable flash.
I started taking this camera where ever I went, out to family gatherings, walking the dogs and out with friends. It was around this time I bought my favourite car, Hyundai Coupe, and started to modify it. The camera let me document this and began a Facebook page. Soon this car page turned into a personal page and slowly grew as more family photos were posted.
I played around with different settings, shooting in different locations and positions. Discoving what worked, alot of what didnt, but also what I can do better next time.

Starting on the sea

My first photos were taken around 2007, I was working on cruise ships sailing around the world. I got to visit lots of amazing places and explore beyond the port gates.
I had taken a simple point and shoot with me, maybe 8 mega pixel, but soon into the job I had broken the rear screen. This meant I was only able to see the pictures once I got back to my computer.
This job also sparked my interest in travel and experiancing different cultures.


I was raised in Scotland and brought up to love the country. Vast areas of natural beauty, amazing animals, lovely view points from the top of multiple mountains.
As a child it seemed such a big place to be. Looking back now, while still amazing, its only a very small part of an even larger world.